Tinysaurus Rex

by brae  

Ages ago, I saw a Tinysaur T-Rex that April had assembled.  I put off getting one of my own, which is always a mistake.  If you like something for a future project, it's better to get it and store it.  When I finally got around to looking for them, they had vanished like the actual dinosaurs during a mass extinction!  :O

I persevered, and finally they arrived...the T-Rex and the Stegosaurus.  I ordered mine from The Evolution Store back in 2013, but you can now find them at Everything Tiny.

Look how small the T-Rex head is, and then notice there are a lot of parts even smaller!!!  :O

I had started this model in 2013 for my Christmas scene that year but never got back to it until now.

My X-Acto blade was huge in comparison.  Nothing but super sharp, out of the box blades for this work.  Separating the pieces took a lot of patience.  I recommend working in an area with no breeze, no small spaces for flying parts to fall into (I'm looking at you, keyboard) and no loud noises.  No deep breaths or sneezing, either!

Maybe if José's tiny X-Acto truly worked, it would have been easier.  :D

I glued my model together, though I did a dry run on all the parts each step of the way.  There would be no way to take it apart if a gluing error occurred.  I used tiny tip tweezers for the parts and bent tip tweezers to hold the model.

So wee!!!  :D  I tell you, the pieces look huge in this photo...they are not.

I put together one of the regular size wood models back when I was young, so it's nice to have a mini one for my mini houses.  Plus one of my inspiration photos for the HBS Creatin' Contest had a wood dinosaur model in it (and a round window on a white brick wall).  Meant to be!

no discernible source found for this image since there were over 1,500 instances of it in a google search


Comment from: Carly [Visitor]  

Oh… My… Gosh…..

I think I need to order all of these…. they are just too cute and fit with my current Ark (aka dino video game) obsession :D

Thank you for bringing these to may attention…. Now to afford them all :/

12/10/15 @ 17:52
Comment from: ae [Visitor]

Omg he is wee! I have to get that t-rex! I bought a plastic t-rex skeleton for my daughter at the local museum and she put him with my current build and has become the forman, so a tiny version would make an awesome permanent addition!

12/10/15 @ 18:07
Comment from: Kat [Visitor]

Holy crap that’s tiny!

12/10/15 @ 20:14
Comment from: Chris M. [Visitor]

Your dinosaur is wonderful and I love the inspiration photo.

And I have to commend you about how diligent you are about *always* giving credit to artists and citing sources. You are a shining example!

12/10/15 @ 22:34
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]

Sooooo tiny!

I’m not brave enough to attempt that. I’d sneeze and all would be lost.

12/11/15 @ 04:02
Comment from: Magda [Visitor]

:-D what a sweet T-Rex, awesome!

12/11/15 @ 04:20
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]

Wow. So little…I’m getting eye strain just looking at them.

12/11/15 @ 05:11

If it’s any help. TinEye tells me it’s an image of a Natuzzi sequel 2581 sofa in one of their showrooms, circa 2010… :-)

12/11/15 @ 21:36
Comment from: Pat [Visitor]

Thanks. Ordered two of these!! I wasn’t sure about how to finish the mansion’s library. I know now.


12/12/15 @ 07:39
Comment from: Monique [Visitor]

that is such a small dinosaur Brae, I love it!! I can only imagine this was hard to do and with great risk of loosing parts etc. But you’ve nailed it and it looks perfect!

12/13/15 @ 09:00
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]

What patience you must have!

12/21/15 @ 04:17

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