The Wee Sisters Three

by brae  

April, Blondie and Debora sent me the most adorable trio of mice for my birthday (from CozyMilArt).  These three wee sisters are Daisy, Poppy and Fleur.  While they each have their own personality and vary in looks, I still might have to make bracelets for them so I can keep them straight.  :D

The included flowers are removable, but they can stand on their own without them.  They can even hold other things.

They found the toy chest!  Wheeeeeeeeeee!

As you can see, they are good for child size in 1:12 scale, though they could work as adult sized mice in half scale.  :]

Thank you so much, ladies!!  I love them!  :D


Comment from: April [Visitor]
They're even cuter than I realized! Love them raiding your goodies and making themselves comfortable in their new home :D
08/10/15 @ 18:38
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Oh boy!! I love them, too! Yay sooooo cute!!!!! :) You're very welcome!
08/10/15 @ 19:02
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
In the first photo they look as though they're going to sing! So sweet.
08/10/15 @ 20:17
Comment from: azteclady [Visitor]
They are adorable! What a sweet gift, indeed.
08/10/15 @ 20:48
Comment from: Elga [Visitor]
They are so sweet Brae! And happy birthday, have a fantastic year!
08/11/15 @ 00:13
Comment from: pepper [Visitor]
Happy (belated) Birthday =0)
08/11/15 @ 00:57
Comment from: Claudia [Visitor]
Oh my goodness! I'm in love. They are adorable. Happy Belated Birthday, Brae!
08/11/15 @ 08:03
Comment from: BunnyD [Visitor]
Omg! Too cute! Brae, they need tiny pink tutus if they are going to sing as a trio. Ha! Happy Birthday!
08/11/15 @ 09:27
The mice are so cute! And I really love the suitcases!!
08/11/15 @ 09:47
Comment from: Jeannette [Visitor]
Happy belated birthday! I hope it was a great one! The little mice are super cute!
08/11/15 @ 12:46
Comment from: Wilma Knipe [Visitor]
I just love the mice, way to cute. Happy birthday from Aus.
08/11/15 @ 14:02
Comment from: Gayle Taylor [Visitor]
A belated Happy Birthday Brae. I love the little mice, they're so cute.
08/11/15 @ 17:29
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Belated Happy Birthday, Brae! A lovely gift. They are so sweet!
08/13/15 @ 05:18
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]
Yes, and from me too Brae, A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more Adventures with your trio of mouse sisters! :D
08/15/15 @ 14:12

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