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I'm just fooling myself

by brae  

This past week, I was going through some old photos to make a photo book of my mini collection.  I do strive for realism in my photos, but in viewing the thumbnails from one folder I even fooled myself!  haaaaaaaaaa!  Since I used to own a silver Audi TT, I thought a photo of my actual garage had been misfiled.  But, it's the Newport garage with the 1:14 scale remote control car.  :D

I'm busy making minis...just nothing I can show you.  :\  The sneaks will be very sparse on this build.  I'll have to dig out a few projects to make on the side.

Trim a Tree contest

by brae  

I've entered the Newport Christmas tree in a mini contest hosted by Mary's Miniatures.  There are three of us entered, so we're each already's just a matter of who places where in the line-up!  :D

You can see the entries here and "like" to cast your vote.  Voting ends December 20th.
By the way, I'm not on facebook so I can't reply to the lovely comments there.  Thank you all for your encouragement!  :D

The Newport has left the building

by brae  

The Newport is on to its new home, and Jasper has taken the opportunity to make use of the display table.  :]

The new guardian of the Newport came today with her husband and daughter, and we had a great visit.  She brought me a generous box of minis, too, and I already have some ideas for them.

First, some lovely furnishings and accessories.  She included two packages of the mesh bricks.  I think that mole might end up in the Heritage yard.  With the mice and raccoons, what's one more pest?!  :D

Second, some fine garden items and lots of wonderful metal minis.

And, last, a vanity mirror and garden fountain.  Hmm...ideas, ideas, ideas....

I'm sure the Newport is in good hands and it was great to meet someone I'd only known online.  :D

Update: Jeannette has posted the Newport in its new home on her blog.  I'm so excited that she's excited.  :D

Newport in brick for sale - SOLD

by brae  

The Newport will soon move on to its new happy home.  :D

I had posted about selling the partially completed Newport previously.  I wanted to keep pricing information off my blog to protect the privacy of the buyer, but since I am getting ready to list it on craigslist as is, the cat will be out of the bag anyway.

This includes the Newport and remaining kit parts; the two-story attached addition and remaining kit parts; the detachable garage addition and remaining kit parts; and the plywood base the structure sits on.  The display table is not included.

This is a large house – finished measurements of the house are 58" wide x 20" deep x 42" tall.  The plywood base is 62" x 25".

The house is missing two windows and the Yorktown pediment upgrades but the windows can be ordered from Real Good Toys and the pediments can be found at many mini shops.

Here are photos of the house as it is.  Anything pictured in this post is included with the house.  There are lights inside and out that I have left in place as well as the paper, flooring and trims already installed.  There are numerous parts and trims not shown here but are included to finish the house.

If you do want the house, we can work out the details privately - just send me an email.  I don't mind holding it for a bit longer for the right buyer.  I'd love to see it go to a good home.

I will be listing it on craigslist this weekend, too.

First floor: left to right

Study: two wall sconces and chandelier included, firebox and lighted fire remain.

Living room/powder room: 3 LED can lights, one ceiling light included; firebox and lighted fire remain; removable false wall to close the powder room included but not shown.  The ceiling light has been removed and the ceiling paper has a hole that can be easily covered with a medallion.

The chimney breast contains a lot of wiring and is still detachable.  The wallpaper has been cut to cover that wall but is also unattached.

Kitchen: chandelier, range hood with LED light and 3 LED recessed lights included.

Garage: this addition is detachable but that requires snipping wires and reattaching them during reassembly.  Two overhead lights included.

Second floor: left to right

Guest room: I've removed my handmade lights and a mirror so there is some damage to the wallpaper.  I have more of this paper that I can include if you want to redo it as is.

Hallway: I've removed a mirror, so there is a blank space in the trim on the left.

Bathroom/front hallway: wall light included.

Bedroom: partially finished double French door included.  I also have flooring and paper cut for this room which is also included.

Outside deck: trims to finish edge included.

Exterior: 3 coach lamps included.  The ceiling board for the second floor is still removable to make it easier to work on those rooms.

Brick Newport for sale - partially constructed - LAST CALL

by brae  

LAST CALL - I am willing to work a great deal with anyone to get the Newport into a new home.  If no one is interested in it by this weekend (not that you have to pick it up by then - just let me know by then), I will be removing most of the lights and listing it on craigslist for an "as-is" bargain price so someone can start over with it.  I just really need the space.


After swallowing a healthy dose of reality, I've decided that finishing the Newport is probably not anything I am going to do in the near future.  I have the first floor built and part of the second floor is started.  I added a custom garage addition to one side and the two story addition to the other.

I will include any lights that are already wired into the house (including a Mackintosh ceiling light and the two custom sunflower lamps I made for the guest bedroom and two custom pendant lamps in the kitchen), though I will be removing one lamp that came from my childhood dollhouse that I want to keep.  No furniture will be included.

I had ordered extra roofing pieces to enclose the side addition, and I will include those as well as the rest of the original kit parts.  I've done some customization along the way, adding more room to the interior and moving the stairs around.  I had started a conservatory on the second floor and can include my materials for that as well.  I upgraded the front door and window pediments.  One wall in the kitchen was installed with the brick facing inward since the garage covers most of the exterior wall.

I love the house, but it is larger than I can keep in the long run.  Putting more time and effort into it seems pointless if someone else would love to take over from here.  Of course, once it's yours, you are welcome to start all over.  :]

If you'd also like the custom display table with casters, that would be fine, too.

I am near Chicago, and this would have to be a pick-up only.  The house, even partially constructed, is huge.

Here are  the last photos I had showing the top floor in dry fit but not glued in place.  I can take some detailed photos of the house as it is being sold and send those to anyone interested.

Please send me an email and we can discuss the particulars in more detail.

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