Category: "The Newport"

I'm just fooling myself

by brae  

This past week, I was going through some old photos to make a photo book of my mini collection.  I do strive for realism in my photos, but in viewing the thumbnails from one folder I even fooled myself!  haaaaaaaaaa!  Since I used to own a silver Audi… more »

Trim a Tree contest

by brae  

I've entered the Newport Christmas tree in a mini contest hosted by Mary's Miniatures.  There are three of us entered, so we're each already's just a matter of who places where in the line-up!  :D You can see the entries here and "like" to… more »

The Newport has left the building

by brae  

The Newport is on to its new home, and Jasper has taken the opportunity to make use of the display table.  :] The new guardian of the Newport came today with her husband and daughter, and we had a great visit.  She brought me a generous box of minis,… more »

Newport in brick for sale - SOLD

by brae  

I had posted about selling the partially completed Newport previously.  I received only one inquiry but haven't heard back from that person since I replied.  If the person who contacted me is reading this and didn't receive my replies, please send me an… more »

Brick Newport for sale - partially constructed - LAST CALL

by brae  

After swallowing a healthy dose of reality, I've decided that finishing the Newport is probably not anything I am going to do in the near future.  I have the first floor built and part of the second floor is started.  I added a custom garage addition to… more »

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