The HC - rewind

by brae  

A major/minor setback: I didn't leave myself enough room behind the removable wall.  :\  So, I chiseled out the wall frame.  Yeah, it's as scary as it sounds.

I didn't have the wallpaper glued in, which was why I opted for demolition.  The other solution would have been to make the front wall removable, which I thought was much harder to do with the brick bottom and planned landscaping.  It came out relatively easily without damage.  I had to cut away the flooring as well...also scary.

I put the wall back in and stabilized it.  I didn't bother removing the first stabilizing columns; I just glued in additional ones.

Like it never happened.  Whew.  The lesson here is don't panic!  Go ahead and swear, but don't panic.  :D

The insert fits a little tighter than it did before, but I'll take it.  Just need to shave a bit off the top.  :]


Comment from: Debora L. [Visitor]
Swear, but don’t panic! Love it! Congrats on the fast fix!
10/03/18 @ 23:12
Comment from: keli [Visitor]
Agh! I hate those "oh no" moments.
10/04/18 @ 02:10
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
I wasn't aware that swearing was optional. It seems to be the one constant whenever anything goes wrong. That and staring at whatever to see if I can make the mistake work or if I really need to tear out what I did.
10/04/18 @ 06:23
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
It's such a good feeling (after the swearing and sweating) to know that almost every oopsie and boo boo, with careful strategy, can be fixed! I looked at the photo from the previous post, and the biggest difference on my screen was that the color on the previous was a bit more lavender. And the wall was just slightly forward. Even half an inch can make all the difference, and I can't wait for the reveal when you'll share why you needed it!
10/04/18 @ 09:45
Comment from: Elizabeth S [Visitor]
This kind of situation is all to familiar to me. I don't swear ( out loud) but it sure does cross my mind!
10/04/18 @ 10:29
Comment from: Wendy [Visitor]
I’ve read and reread this post, but can’t understand what happened. What is the extra room behind the wall for? Good job, BTW!
10/04/18 @ 15:56
Comment from: brae [Member]
Yes, I know I am in good company -- unfortunately for us all. :\

As for what I needed the extra room for, well, that will be revealed in December. &#59;D
10/04/18 @ 15:58
Comment from: ann [Visitor]
Oh man! And i thought I made bad boo-boos, but you have the knack to make them right.
10/05/18 @ 06:33
Comment from: brae [Member]
Boo-boos do help you learn, though I don't think any of us like encountering them. :no:
10/05/18 @ 13:30
Comment from: Jeanne [Visitor]
I find it very reassuring that even YOU have swear-worthy mishaps! And please take that as a compliment, for it is certainly intended as such!
10/09/18 @ 07:03
Comment from: brae [Member]
:)) Oh, yes, there is always much swearing ... even when things are going relatively well, there's always a gremlin here and there.
10/09/18 @ 07:18

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