The Deck - part 6

by brae  

I taped the outer walnut boards and the center vein onto the frame support to mark where the support beams should end under the surface boards.

I cut the frame using the scroll saw, cutting in slightly to allow room for a veneer finish around the outside.

The local Home Depot had only the iron-on pre-glued veneer strips, and I didn't want to wait to order online, so I used birch veneer.  I had some leftover from previous projects.  I cut a strip 1/4" wide and glued it around the outer edge.  It doesn't hit every point, but that's fine with me.  It creates a natural smooth finish around the outer edge and hides the framework (unless viewed from underneath).

After staining the veneer with Minwax Plantation Walnut, I began gluing the boards to the framework, using wood glue supplemented with super glue gel.  Once I had the walnut pieces in place along the outer edge and center, I pressed the assembly flat with magazines and waited for the glue to dry.

Once the glue set on leaf 1, I started adding the cross boards using wood glue (and super glue gel only as needed).  In some areas, the frame seems to show more than I would like but in the end it shouldn't be as obvious.

By having the copy of the drawing underneath, I could see where to apply the glue so it wouldn't seep out.

One leaf down!  :D


Comment from: Audra [Visitor]
OMG! Amazing! So much detail and patience you have!!
04/25/13 @ 09:15
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
This deck is blowing my mind!
04/25/13 @ 10:17
Comment from: Elga [Visitor]
Oh, Brae, it looks fantastic, I hope you are going to show us a view from the bottom too.
04/25/13 @ 11:53
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]
GORGEOUS! Love this!!!
04/25/13 @ 12:03
Comment from: Lynn [Visitor]
This is SO beautiful!! Is it heavy? Why do you use the superglue gel along with your regular glue?
04/25/13 @ 13:14
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you!!! :D Oh, yes, you will get to see it at all angles once it's complete. Lynn - the super glue gel holds the wood together quickly while the wood glue dries and cures into a strong bond. It just makes it quicker to work without having to "glue, tape and wait to dry" before moving to the next part. :yes: It's a tip I picked up on the Greenleaf forum.
04/25/13 @ 13:26
Comment from: Marisa [Visitor]
omg it looks like a real deck , great job :)
04/25/13 @ 14:28
Comment from: 12Create [Visitor]
Looks brilliant.
04/25/13 @ 15:05
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Just amazing, Brae! I admire your patience!
04/25/13 @ 15:26
Comment from: Pat [Visitor]
You are scary! LOL All that talent wrapped up in one person. I would not have the patience, or the talent, to do this. But I love watching it unfold!
04/25/13 @ 16:43
Comment from: Jane s [Visitor]
Holy moly that's a amazing piece! So..umm when you coming to build one for me? >=)
04/25/13 @ 18:10
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you, thank you!!! :>> Jane - :)) I'm laughing because I would cry if I had to start over.
04/26/13 @ 15:25

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