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The Brownstone - main floor staircase, part 1

by brae  

Thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes.  :]  I am feeling much better! Before cutting the final holes for doorways and windows in the main floor, I worked on the staircase to make sure I didn't need to adjust the ceiling height on the main… more »

The Brownstone - trying out the final finishes

by brae  

Instead of cutting more holes today, I decided to proceed with the final finishes on the front wall of the side addition.  Doing the same thing for hours on end can be tedious, and if I wait and do each step one at a time, I'll likely get frustrated and… more »

The Brownstone - cutting openings, padding boards - part 1

by brae  

With the main boards cut and marked, I needed to start cutting the openings for the windows and doors.  I was going to fire up the Dremels, but I am not practiced with them and these need to be precise cuts.  If it were easy to just make a new board, I… more »

The Brownstone - front door, part 4 - completed

by brae  

Completed work on the front door. I cut two sides and a top to form the recess. This mimics the kit construction with taller boards. more »

The Brownstone - new boards

by brae  

I'm not using the original kit side walls since they were too small after my alterations to the interior layout and one was severely warped.  The original kit floors are going to someone whose kit was missing those pieces so they won't go to waste.  I'v… more »

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