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Ophelia and Chaucer

by brae  

My relentless stalking has paid off!  I now have two lovely kitty friends by *Reve*, the artist who made the badger (still unnamed). First is Ophelia, a silver Maine Coon.  Isn't she a pretty kitty sitting on the porch on a fine autumn day?  I love thi… more »

Some recent acquisitions...

by brae  

First, I am now in the market for a pair of these: Pair of Gaunlets (1549-1550); German; Weight: 1 lb., 14 oz. Hahahahaha!  They are lovely, no?  I saw these at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA in 2000.  Great museum to see if you are ever… more »

Bishop and 3 Blind Mice shows - the highlights

by brae  

I went to two of the three shows today and bought a lot!  :O  Some is for the Heritage, and some is for the Spring Fling.  I even found some wonderful things for the Brownstone, which I still think will be my next main build after the Heritage since I a… more »

Victorian Brownstone with an Arts & Crafts interior

by brae  

The wonderful thing about the world of miniatures is being able to make stuff up that wouldn't likely happen in real life.  :D I love the Arts & Crafts style when it comes to interior design, but the exterior elements of that style don't appeal to… more »

Golden Gate View

by brae  

Even though I recently acquired a Glencroft kit to follow the Heritage build, I recently stumbled across an old (albeit new in the box) kit no longer made: Golden Gate View by American Craft Products.  I could not pass it up for its unusual design, its… more »

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