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Elephant tapestry - 4 hours

by brae  

I wanted to bring something along to Vancouver to occupy myself on the plane and during any downtime (ha!) while away.  The two needlework projects I had going weren't good for travel.  I figured the TSA would take one look at the punchneedle and scowl… more »

I'm back!

by brae  

Did you think I fell into a deep sleep on that beautiful bed?  :D I arrived back yesterday from a business trip to Vancouver, British Columbia.  There were 82 of us at this event, and I was part of the planning committee.  It was good to catch up with… more »

The evolving Brownstone

by brae  

Now that the kit is out of the box, I've had some time to consider the original kit measurements and what I ultimately would like to do with the build.  I do love the kit photo, but I won't be building that one exactly. Golden Gate View kit photo The… more »

Bees and Trees rug - 19.5 hrs and Prairie rug - 14 hrs

by brae  

I've managed to work a little each day on the two rug projects I have going.  The Bees and Trees rug is probably halfway done if you were to transfer the stitching from the right tree over to the empty spot on the left.  I'm at 19.5 hours of work. I… more »

The Brownstone...the beginning

by brae  

Back in January, I took some photos of the kit pieces since there was some buzz about the Golden Gate View dollhouse kit on the Greenleaf forum.  The front wall is made from notched trim pieces with the inserts or windows and walls assembled separately.… more »

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