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The Brownstone - update

by brae  

Ok, I let Mt. Sydney Chalet sit on the work table for a week, and I've got nothing.  :\  I'm enjoying working on the rugs for it, but I'm stuck in another mode entirely and can't get motivated on it.  So, tonight I dragged out the Brownstone.  :D I had… more »

Vintage sewing patterns

by brae  

Just a quick update - things with the insurance company and contractor are moving along.  Since there is also a condo association with its own insurance company and contractor, things were a little back and forth last week.  This week, the repair and re… more »

A new car for the garage

by brae  

No, not for me in real life, for The Brownstone.  :D   This beauty is a 1950 Volkswagan Beetle Saloon 1:12 scale model by Sun Star.   The back story for The Brownstone is that it is the home of a world traveler.  I toyed with the idea that this occu… more »

Prairie Rug - 29.25 hours with a major setback

by brae  

I am currently at 29.25 hours of work on the Prairie Rug, but this has become irrelevant due to a major problem with this project.  While punchneedle does go quickly, much of the work I've done on this rug is likely for naught.  You can clearly see the… more »

Another day, another shower

by brae  

Pepper at MitchyMooMiniatures was worried I'd had enough of miniature bathrooms with The Artist's Studio, but I was beyond thrilled when I won her giveaway for a Lili-Anne shower set.  :D   It's so wonderful, just perfect details!   And, I already h… more »

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