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by brae  

I am gearing up for the next project.  I am feeling motivated and still in the mind to mini, which means I didn't push myself too hard in that last week of Ye Olde Taxidermist like I did last year with Otter Cove.  :D  I have a few things in the hopper.

First, I am back to stitching on the Tribal Foxes rug.  I have two new patterns I want to stitch, so I am making myself finish the foxes.  Here's where that left off at 73.25 hours.  I am stitching full cross stitch with single thread over 32 count Jobelan.

I started the tiny 1:144 scale Hampton House for the 2013 Christmas display, but I had always intended to finish it.  So, there's that project.  This could easily be put on a small tray and worked on when I need a break from the main project on the work table.

Milo Valley Farm needs a bit more structural work, but the main thing left is the Datsun.  I need spray painting weather (yeah, it's currently in the negative temps today), so this will be put off some more.

Then there's Watson Mill with the motorized sails.  This is where I am leaning most.  The fox rug and either of the next stitching patterns would work well for this build.  This project has been barely started, so I could dive in anywhere.

Of course, those rugs would also work for The Brownstone.  Here's the color mockup I made using the original Sketchup image from Mike.

I have the walls stored flat, so there's no rush to get it into three-dimensional shape.  I have quite a bit already invested in this project, so if I don't work on it next, it will likely be done right after the next project.

Considering The Brownstone is at least a two-year project and Watson Mill could likely take just one year, if that, I will likely work on the mill.  Let's see where I end up after cleaning my workspace and rearranging my supplies for a fresh start.  :]  I did not even mention the kits and plans still in waiting.  :O

Finding a Holy Grail miniature

by brae  

I'm sure every miniaturist has a Holy Grail or two...I'd say I have roughly a dozen.  These are miniatures we long for but cannot find, or perhaps afford.  I searched extensively for this metal trash can, and now I have one in my collection.  :D

It has the perfect metallic finish and ribbed detailing.  There is no maker's mark, and it came from an estate without any additional information.

I've seen this item only once in the book Dolls' House Shopkeeper by Lionel and Ann Barnard.  Excellent book, by the way.  So, one Holy Grail down!

I will not be altering this item in any way, so it might be too clean for the barn.  But, the Brownstone has that fancy trash nook.  :]

The other item I've acquired recently already has the aging in place.  You can find these old gas pumps easily and in a number of scales, but they look new.  I could have done the aging, but this saves me the time.  :D

Mac Tools 1:12 scale tool locker

by brae  

Behold the behemoth that is the Mac Tools Racing 1:12 scale tool locker!  :O  My 5'9" equivalent model isn't male-model tall but he's no munchkin, either.  This piece is 6" tall and 5.5" wide.

To me, it seems like he would behead himself with that heavy top in real life.  :\  However, I found a photo online that illustrates just how perfectly in scale it is.

This piece is actually a limited edition collectible coin bank, but it has all the exterior detailing of the original right down to the warning labels.  I can't decipher the text, but I think the gist is, "This beast will kill you if you let it fall on you."

It's a great piece to display on its own.  Only two drawers open using buttons inside the top, so while a decent display piece I don't know how many tools you could reasonably keep in it.  The included tool in one of the drawers is used to open the bank.

It is too big for Milo Valley Farm, and I wouldn't want to grunge it besides.  I hadn't really had it in mind for the barn anyway.  I was thinking more for the Brownstone garage.

Spin cycle

by brae  

The Brownstone will have a mudroom with a washer and dryer, and now I have the perfect set -- a generous gift from Barbara.

The set is by Town Square Miniatures, designed by Mary Beth Tumlin.  In the package was a tiny bottle of Tide.

I'd never seen this set before, even though I've researched washer dryer sets in miniature.  It's a remarkable set with realistic detailing.  There's even an agitator in the washer!

Thank you, Barbara!  :D

The Brownstone - timber grid stonework, part 1

by brae  

We had a near miss with a buyer that didn't end up working out, so it's back to sprucing the place up daily and awaiting random showings.  :D

lovely orchid on my kitchen table to entice buyers

I moved all the completed dollhouses out, and The Brownstone has been stacked in a flat formation in the closet.  Since this selling and buying business requires patience, I'm going to be working on The Brownstone as time permits to keep my sanity.  I can continue with the prep work on the walls and with any luck it will be time to move before I start gluing the beast together.  :O

Alright...where was I?

As noted, I forgot to add the stonework to parts of the timber grid as shown in my mockup color study.  I started with thin cardstock templates, each numbered so I could match them up again later.

Instead of using the 3/4" x 1" stones I had been cutting for the base, I determined the layout using the individual templates.  I thought it would look off to have partial stones, so I cut three even strips slightly wider than the base stones.  I then cut the length to make a pleasing pattern, gluing the stones to the cardboard template.

I'll paint the inserts with the base coat of Fawn by Americana.  Once I create the final two grids for the side walls, I'll make the stone inserts for those as well.  I'll then paint the final washes and glazes when I do the base stone so it will all coordinate in color.

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