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by brae  

I am gearing up for the next project.  I am feeling motivated and still in the mind to mini, which means I didn't push myself too hard in that last week of Ye Olde Taxidermist like I did last year with Otter Cove.  :D  I have a few things in the hopper.… more »

Finding a Holy Grail miniature

by brae  

I'm sure every miniaturist has a Holy Grail or two...I'd say I have roughly a dozen.  These are miniatures we long for but cannot find, or perhaps afford.  I searched extensively for this metal trash can, and now I have one in my collection.  :D It has… more »

Mac Tools 1:12 scale tool locker

by brae  

Behold the behemoth that is the Mac Tools Racing 1:12 scale tool locker!  :O  My 5'9" equivalent model isn't male-model tall but he's no munchkin, either.  This piece is 6" tall and 5.5" wide. To me, it seems like he would behead himself with that… more »

Spin cycle

by brae  

The Brownstone will have a mudroom with a washer and dryer, and now I have the perfect set -- a generous gift from Barbara. The set is by Town Square Miniatures, designed by Mary Beth Tumlin.  In the package was a tiny bottle of Tide. I'd never seen… more »

The Brownstone - timber grid stonework, part 1

by brae  

As noted, I forgot to add the stonework to parts of the timber grid as shown in my mockup color study.  I started with thin cardstock templates, each numbered so I could match them up again later.   Instead of using the 3/4" x 1" stones I had been… more »

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