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by brae  

Since I was back to waiting on the main structure, I cut some firewood for the wood stove and walnut firewood box.  There was an old farmhouse near my parents' place in a local suburb.  I don't think anyone around here appreciates an old white farmhouse… more »

The Artist's Studio - lots of progress

by brae  

Since the front opening trim had been cut and sorted, it was time to finally glue the ceiling board to the main structure.  Scary to be completely out of dry fit!  :O   I added one nail to help hold the diving wall in place since my cut ended up being… more »

Finishing the front opening edges

by brae  

Who knows why the Studio is uneven along the front edge of the floor even though the walls measure the exact same depth.  Perhaps the individual floor boards are misaligned overall.  It's nothing that can't be fixed. To finish off the front edge of the… more »


by brae  

I used two Houseworks 8-light windows for the Studio skylights, though I had to widen the original openings in the ceiling to fit them.  I painted the exterior portion Warm White by Americana.   These don't come with window inserts, so I cut inserts f… more »

Wood stove, part 5 - stove pipe and primer

by brae  

For the stove pipe, I measured against the outside wall to get the precise angle the pipe would hit the ceiling.  I used my scroll saw to make the cut.  The scroll saw has a nifty angle guide for just these types of cuts.   I tested the fit in the Stu… more »

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