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Hummingbird shower mural - drawing the flowers

by brae  

After completing the leaves and shadowy branches, I started working on the flowering branches.  Since I knew I wouldn't be able to draw them all in one sitting, I decided to move around the drawing.  If the remaining flowers end up looking a little different, at least they won't be concentrated in one part of the drawing.

My flowers are more orangey-pink than pure red pink like the inspiration art.  I like that, though.  :D  Besides, once this drawing is scanned, printed and manipulated to look like tile, the colors will likely be more subdued than the original drawing.

See I left room for tiny bird feet?  :D

Hummingbird shower mural - drawing the leaves

by brae  

Since my initial sketch worked well for concept and composition, I've started filling in the final colors.  I started with the leaves since I'm rather out of practice for drawing and they are the simplest part of the design.

Here's the initial sketch for comparison.  I'm coloring right over the previously drawn areas.

I did all of the leaves, including the shadowy branches, at the same time.  This gave me a better chance of having them turn out similarly.  If I did a portion of the drawing in one sitting and then another later, my technique, pressure or lighting might be different.

The flowering branches will be next, then the birds.  Once I have the drawing filled in completely, I can go back and make shading adjustments.

Blue medallion rug - stitching complete!

by brae  

I've been quiet on the blog while I spent time finishing the stitching portion of the blue medallion rug.

Stitching took 154.5 hours worked on 32ct Jobelan.  It currently measures 4 1/2" x 7 3/4" prior to final finishing.

It shouldn't take too long to bind the edges so it will be all ready for the Studio.  :D

Artist paper pads

by brae  

It's been a busy weekend in real life so I didn't do a lot with miniatures.  But, I did manage to make some pads of paper to fill some of the space in the wood crate bookshelves.

I found images of actual covers online and printed them with black rectangles on the binding edges.  I always print two of each hoping to end up with one of each.  :D

I cut white mat board to use as filler.  I glued the covers onto one side of the mat board, leaving the black portion long and unglued.

I glued thin cardboard to the back of the mat board.

I folded the black portion over the edge and cut it to fit.  Once glued in place over the cardboard, it gives the illusion of a bound edge.  :]

I've also seen them with a white backer, so if you don't have thin cardboard you can skip that step.

I'll make a number of other artist materials, but these are a good start.

Into the crate they go.  Lyssa makes the best paper towel rolls.  :D

Window planning

by brae  

As a reminder, here are the two projects that inspired the basic shape of The Artist's Studio: Rooftop Artist's Studio by The Thomases, seen in the second gallery in this link and Nell Corkin's Summer Studio, created in tiny 1:144 scale.

Using some spare strip wood, I mocked up four versions for the front window to see what worked best.  These photos were taken before a lot of the recent work was completed, so it might look a little off.  :D

Wide vertical sections with roughly equal panes

Wide vertical sections with three sizes of panes

Wide vertical sections with tall upper panes

Narrower vertical sections with tall upper panes

The building will be red, and I was planning on painting this window Warm White.  This window will also be removable.  Lyssa, Blondie and mom voted and chose the wide vertical sections with tall upper panes, and I concur!  :D

I think it's a good balance with visual interest without being overwhelming.

Now to actually build the thing...  :\

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