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Hummingbird shower mural - drawing the flowers

by brae  

After completing the leaves and shadowy branches, I started working on the flowering branches.  Since I knew I wouldn't be able to draw them all in one sitting, I decided to move around the drawing.  If the remaining flowers end up looking a little… more »

Hummingbird shower mural - drawing the leaves

by brae  

Since my initial sketch worked well for concept and composition, I've started filling in the final colors.  I started with the leaves since I'm rather out of practice for drawing and they are the simplest part of the design.   I did all of the leaves,… more »

Blue medallion rug - stitching complete!

by brae  

I've been quiet on the blog while I spent time finishing the stitching portion of the blue medallion rug.   It shouldn't take too long to bind the edges so it will be all ready for the Studio.  :D more »

Artist paper pads

by brae  

It's been a busy weekend in real life so I didn't do a lot with miniatures.  But, I did manage to make some pads of paper to fill some of the space in the wood crate bookshelves. I found images of actual covers online and printed them with black… more »

Window planning

by brae  

As a reminder, here are the two projects that inspired the basic shape of The Artist's Studio: Rooftop Artist's Studio by The Thomases, seen in the second gallery in this link and Nell Corkin's Summer Studio, created in tiny 1:144 scale. Using some… more »

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