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Retaining wall - part 1

by brae  

As noted in a previous post, the main part of the retaining wall will be made from Woodsies popsicle sticks that measure 6" x 3/4" x 1/16".  The back width of the base is 24" so I marked the foam core board base in 4" intervals.   Mike again came to t… more »


by brae  

Since I added some trim to the front of the Studio, the roof seemed off balance.  I added a 3/8" x 3/8" strip of bass wood along the front edge of the roof board to make it more prominent in front. To finish the eaves, I cut pieces of veneer to fit a… more »

Hummingbird shower mural - flowers completed

by brae  

I finished the remaining flowers, though this time I went with a lighter touch.  This brings the first flowering branches forward and gives some depth to the drawing.   Only the birds remain, but I might do a practice bird in the margin.  If it turns… more »

Siding, lighting and trim progress

by brae  

I finished the second right siding piece since the first attempt was so warped.  I glued it in place, then sanded and varnished the surface.   I added the coach lamp (the main door is still removable).   After finishing the wiring, I was able to glu… more »

Retaining wall planning

by brae  

I had left enough space around the builders foam to add a retaining wall.  I think the retaining wall is a nice way to finish the edges since I built up the land in order to have the leaf deck. Since the foam layers are uneven, I cut strips of foam cor… more »

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