Category: "The Artist's Studio"

Retaining wall - completed

by brae  

With the horizontal boards in place, I glued the surrounding base boards from Mike.  The next step was adding trim wood to finish the sides and back.  I added 1/4" x 1/16" strip wood above the horizontal Woodsies planks.   I then added various widths… more »

Blue medallion rug - completed

by brae  

I have finished binding the blue medallion rug, and it is ready to take its place in The Artist's Studio.   Stitching time 154.5 hours. Final finishing took only a couple of hours.  The final measurements are.   The chart came from Jorge Cubells'… more »

Hummingbird shower mural - drawing completed

by brae  

I decided to just wing it (ha) and draw the birds right on the drawing without a practice run.  :]  The drawing for the mural is no complete.   I did look at real life hummingbird pictures but continued the soft artistic feeling of the flowers and lea… more »

Clerestory windows - completed

by brae  

I showed the process for making the two clerestory windows in a previous post.  With the eaves finished, it was time to complete the windows and install them. I tested the fit with the eaves in place to see if any adjustments needed to be made.   I c… more »

Wanted: asphalt shingle rolls

by brae  

I'm seeking two rolls of What's Next rectangular asphalt shingles in Desert Tan.  I've been attempting to order from the manufacturer directly, but it has been slow going.  I'm worried about meeting the Undersized Urbanite deadline, so I figured I would… more »

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