Category: "The Artist's Studio"

Hummingbird shower mural - shower surround

by brae  

With the hummingbird tile mural in place, it was time to address the shower walls and door.  First, since I wasn't sure how easily this would be accomplished once the shower surround was in place, I added the shower head and water control lever from ELF… more »

Odds and ends - Studio progress

by brae  

I've been making a number of accessories for the Studio as well as finishing up yet more trim and structural details.  Cora's bed is a basket by Al Chandronnait from, though I added my own tufted insert since the one included wasn't fluff… more »

The Artist's Studio - landscaping

by brae  

With The Deck completed, it was time to put in the landscaping.  I started by applying stucco patch material to the previously sculpted builders foam base.  This evened out the landscape and filled in holes and gaps.  It also solidified the deck support… more »

The Deck - part 8 - completion!

by brae  

With the first two leaves in place, I finished up the walnut trim around the main and side decks.   I also completed Leaf 3.   Leaf 3 sits on top of the main deck and the two side leaves.  I tried three different angles to see what looked best.  … more »

The Deck - part 7

by brae  

I finished the second leaf in the same manner as the first leaf.   Before going further, I needed to see if I could replicate one part of the deck shown in the original.  For reference, here is the beautiful deck from Trex. One of the side leaves i… more »

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