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Rustic wood floor, completed

by brae  

Hooray for a three-day weekend of minis!!!   :D Lucille suggested using a template, so that is where I started with the rustic wood floor.  I moved the boards I cut previously onto the kitchen counter. I cut a template from regular drawing paper.  I… more »

Rustic wood ceiling - natural wood examples

by brae  

I do appreciate the feedback on the ceiling being white, but I swear to you I am not making things up!  :D  There is such a thing as a natural wood ceiling in an art studio. This one is more modern. From Remodelista And, this one is more rustic.… more »

Rustic wood ceiling

by brae  

My initial idea for the ceiling in The Artist's Studio was to have a wood plank surface here as well as on the floor.  This is a mockup with a sheet of Southern Pine flooring propped in place.  I would need to have finishing trim around the edges since… more »

Rustic wood floor, part 1

by brae  

My scroll saw and I are getting acquainted quickly.  :D  I started cutting and placing the wood boards for the rustic floor.  I'm doing my best to make it a random plank floor by using the various lengths Mike cut for me and then piecing end boards to f… more »

The Artist's Studio - construction begins...

by brae  

I am still awaiting the supplies I need to finish the Heritage, so I'm diving into the next project: The Artist's Studio.  With the wiring channels and basic landscape board in place, I started by gluing the foundation to the foam base.  The foundation… more »

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