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Hummingbird shower mural - initial sketch

by brae  

Since I wasn't able to find suitable existing artwork for the shower mural, I've decided to draw the scene.  Or, at least, attempt to do so.  :D  It has been a long time since I last did a drawing. Using smooth Bristol paper, I marked an outline slight… more »

Daybed - painted

by brae  

Just a quick update to show you the new daybed with its fresh coat of paint. I started with a base coat of Foliage Green by Americana.  It's a bright lime green.  I sanded and then followed it with a coat of the same green mixed with grey.  I added a… more »

Daybed change

by brae  

The daybed I've been using in The Artist's Studio is one that I had in my stash and wasn't necessarily meant for this space.  I painted it burnished copper to coordinate better with the other furnishings. The problem with it is that even though it's… more »

Wood stove, part 3 - brick surround

by brae  

For the brick surround for the wood stove, I started by squaring up my rough paper template and marking the center of the floor and back pieces.   I cut egg carton bricks 1/4" x 3/4" - my usual choice for brick size.  Click here for my cutting tutoria… more »

Art for The Artist's Studio

by brae  

One of the fun things about making The Artist's Studio is that I get to put interesting things in it.  An artist needs inspiration and what better way to do that than to surround oneself with unusual works of art? This cardboard deer head was made… more »

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