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Hummingbird shower mural - initial sketch

by brae  

Since I wasn't able to find suitable existing artwork for the shower mural, I've decided to draw the scene.  Or, at least, attempt to do so.  :D  It has been a long time since I last did a drawing.

Using smooth Bristol paper, I marked an outline slightly larger than what I need for the shower surround.  I viewed my inspiration photo and did a rough layout with colored pencil.  I used a deliberately soft touch since I can always add more color but it is next to impossible to take color up later.  My layout is busier than the original, and I eliminated the butterfly.

Here is my inspiration from Fine & Country.

This was the best existing artwork I could find; it's from

I made a color copy of my initial drawing to see if I liked it in place before working on the drawing any further.  I added some height to the shower wall after seeing how short my original mockups were.

I think we're getting somewhere.

My drawing captures enough of the essence for me, so I'll work on completing the drawing as is.

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Daybed - painted

by brae  

Just a quick update to show you the new daybed with its fresh coat of paint.

I started with a base coat of Foliage Green by Americana.  It's a bright lime green.  I sanded and then followed it with a coat of the same green mixed with grey.  I added a final glaze of green, grey and brown, most of which was wiped away.

I wanted the daybed to look like a consignment store rescue - a little vintage but with a new lease on life.  :D

I think it looks lovely.

Daybed change

by brae  

The daybed I've been using in The Artist's Studio is one that I had in my stash and wasn't necessarily meant for this space.  I painted it burnished copper to coordinate better with the other furnishings.

The problem with it is that even though it's a good size for the room, it's not really a daybed so much as a settee.  My model can't comfortably recline on it.

I have a sofa kit in my stash of furniture kits that might work better.  It's from the Realife Miniatures Country Living Room kit.

I've wanted to build this sofa for awhile now, so today I put it together.  I've been spoiled by House of Miniatures and precision laser cut kits.  The fit is sloppy in places, but paint will take care of that!

This sofa is shorter but wider than the original settee, and my model seems much more comfortable.

It fits well in the space, too.  :D

The copper settee will have no problem finding a new home.  I already have an idea for it.  ;D

Wood stove, part 3 - brick surround

by brae  

For the brick surround for the wood stove, I started by squaring up my rough paper template and marking the center of the floor and back pieces.

As a reminder, here is my inspiration from showing a partial brick wall.  Now that I study it, these might be brick colored stone tiles instead.  But, I still like the look of it.

I cut egg carton bricks 1/4" x 3/4" - my usual choice for brick size.  Click here for my cutting tutorial.

I started with the floor template since it has the cropped corners.  I glued bricks to the template in a pleasing pattern, adjusting the template to fit.

Before going ahead with the inside brickwork, I tested the fit of the new shape of the floor template.  Perfect!  :D

I bricked the interior portion of the floor template and then completed the wall template.  I checked the fit of both pieces in the Studio.

The red brick coloration in my inspiration piece looks so lovely that I decided to mimic that with my bricks using Liquitex Burnt Sienna.  I grouted with Andi Mini Mortar and then touched up the paint and added a dark grey wash to darken the mortar.

I have the pieces held in place with mini hold wax at the moment.  I need to install the stove lighting before I can glue the brick surround in place.

So far, the stove is working out well.  :]  I think those feet are crying out for a footstool.  Haaaaaaaaa!

In other news, Jasper said he's willing to help with the deck when I get to it.  To that end, we've started with scroll saw lessons.

Art for The Artist's Studio

by brae  

One of the fun things about making The Artist's Studio is that I get to put interesting things in it.  An artist needs inspiration and what better way to do that than to surround oneself with unusual works of art?

This cardboard deer head was made from a laser cut kit from Amazing Miniatures.  It was very easy to assemble.  I didn't use glue other than to attach the two plaque pieces together and to hold the deer to the plaque.  The rest is fitted together using the laser cut slots in the design.

I made the sunflower lamp and the trio of plants.

It adds a certain novelty to the Studio, don't you think?  :D

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