The Artist's Studio - lots of progress

by brae  

Since the front opening trim had been cut and sorted, it was time to finally glue the ceiling board to the main structure.  Scary to be completely out of dry fit!  :O

I added one nail to help hold the dividing wall in place since my cut ended up being further off than I had hoped.  I had drilled a pilot hole into the wall and ceiling board to keep the mdf from splitting.

I wired the two recessed can lights.  The roof is now ready for final finishing - just awaiting the shingles from the supplier.

With the ceiling on, I tested fit of the front edge moldings.  I knew they would be too long before I added the ceiling board.  Instead of trying to sand or shave off a tiny bit, I just mashed them into the foam base until they fit under the ceiling.  Haaaaa!

To finish the front opening along the top edge, I cut a strip of 1/2" x 1/2" balsa.  I used balsa because I had it on hand, and my scroll saw made a clean cut through it without any crushing along the edges.  :D

To make this piece level across the top of the ceiling board, I will need to mount the right front molding slightly away from the lead edge of the wall at the top.  I'll add a tiny shim in there when I glue it all in place.  Interior trim will mask all of this moon business (Six Feet Under reference -- translates in otterine lingo as 'craziness').

The structure will have a clean, finished look when viewed with an open front.

I glued the left siding template in place.   The right side template needs to be recreated from the start.  I failed to press it in time to dry after painting, and the wood has never straightened correctly since even with attempts to fix it.  I sanded and sealed the left siding once the glue dried.

I snipped the bracket from the back of the water fountain and tacked it in place over the wiring access hole with mini hold wax.

I glued in the plain wood trim at the top edges of the dividing wall.  You'd never know there was a gap.  :D

The main half round beam will remain removable with the front bathroom wall.  It's easily held in place with mini hold wax.  I painted this Country Grey by Americana to match the paper instead of Warm White to match the trim.  I thought a bright white vertical line in the middle of the Studio would be distracting.

I'm stalled until I finish recreating the right siding wall, so I'll sign off here.  :D


Comment from: 12Create [Visitor]
I say you have made a lot of progress. Well done. You always finish everything off so neatly and seem to know how to rectify problems as they arise.
03/17/13 @ 20:28
Comment from: 1717mk [Visitor]
I have been following your progress with great interest (although not always leave a comment), but I admire your work. The house is just perfect and the only one of its kind. All the colors, details, furniture are great and all together creates a unique atmosphere. Warm hugs:o) Magda
03/18/13 @ 04:42
Comment from: Marion [Visitor]
Very impressive finitions, everything looks really great ! Thanks for detailing everything for your readers, this is awesome ! :)
03/18/13 @ 05:04
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Everything is cleanly finished. The water fountain is such a nice, whimsical touch! I like it that you painted the half round beam grey to match the wall. Such little details can make such a difference to the overall look. I agree with 1717mk that it's one of a kind!
03/18/13 @ 07:35
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks so much! :>>
03/18/13 @ 16:15
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
It's all coming along really well and the fountain is a nice touch.
03/20/13 @ 09:35

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