The Artist's Studio - construction begins...

by brae  

I am still awaiting the supplies I need to finish the Heritage, so I'm diving into the next project: The Artist's Studio.  With the wiring channels and basic landscape board in place, I started by gluing the foundation to the foam base.  The foundation consists of the original kit floor board and two additional pieces of 3/8" plywood to make up the front floor addition.  I have two pieces because I used scraps from my wood pile.

I then glued on the back and sides after tracing basic templates onto drawing paper.  Even though there is no glue holding the ceiling board on, I used it to hold the shape of the walls since eventually it will need to fit onto them like a lid.  I will also leave it on when I am not working on the build to combat any warping that might occur in the walls.

It's strange to me to start gluing the walls in place since my builds are often in dry fit for months!  I guess I did dry fit the structure awhile ago, so it's not that recent a development.

Thus begins the chicken or the egg portion of the build.  I need to install the bathroom sconces before I can install the living area flooring since the wires for the sconces will run underneath it.  To install the sconces, I need the center dividing board and its wallpaper in place.  To install that divider wall, I need the bathroom tile flooring in place.  So, that's where we start.  :D  I unpeeled the paper from the tiles and used no additional glue.  These are relatively heavy tiles and don't lift or warp.

I then glued in the dividing wall, using two triangles to keep it square.   The top cut wasn't very precise, but I can easily mask this with ceiling trim later on.  And, I do have a ceiling treatment in mind that will make up some of the difference besides.

Once the glue dried on the dividing wall, it was time for the bathroom wallpaper: Canson Ivory drawing paper.  I taped the paper backing over the tiles to protect them from the wallpaper paste.

I always use Yes! paste to apply paper.  Again, I didn't worry too much about the paper along the tops of the walls since I will add ceiling trim later.  Note: I no longer recommend Yes paste - I use Wallpaper Mucilage instead.  Yes paste has problems with longevity.

To find the holes for the sconces on the wallpaper side, I poked a sewing pin through the holes on the living area side.

I glued the sconces in place and taped the wires into the channels.


The wires come out of the foam under the structure.  I will splice them together to work as a set later.

Next up...flooring for the rest of the structure.  Now I can tell you why I had been searching for shoddy Dura-Craft trim wood.  To make a rustic floor in The Artist's Studio, of course!  :D  I love the variation in colors and texture.

Alas, the Studio was too big for the minimal amount I was able to gather.  A few people sent me some scraps, but it still was not enough.  But, fear not!!!  Mike has come to the rescue!  I sent him some samples of the original wood, and he cut a whole bunch of random planks of poplar and pine for me using the originals for size reference.

I will use my Dura-Craft boards mixed with his planks to blend the various colors.  Most of the floor will be covered in the back left portion of the room, either with the stove platform, rug or furnishings, so most of the fancier Dura-Craft boards will be used toward the front.  Here's a quick random layout.  I think it will be wonderful!

I've never installed a floor board by board, though.  Guess what will help enormously?

Huge grin!!!  Can you tell I already love this fine machine?


Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Hi Brae! I just read everything meticulously! I love your new "machine". I've wanted one for a long time. Next time they come up on special at Micro Marks, I'm getting one.
02/03/13 @ 18:32
Comment from: rosanna [Visitor]
How I love following your process of mind! BTW I have always done my floors board by board and I find it quite...relaxing. Have fun and keep us informed. Rosanna
02/04/13 @ 04:56
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]
Thanks again for sharing the process of your build. I will be back to work on my project soon. Your tips are so helpful! I like your idea of using two triangles to square the added wall. I will be doing the same thing for my garden center bathroom. You are inspiring me to finish my glass block window in my wall. Then I will do the wiring. That is what has kept me from proceeding. You make it look easier!?
02/04/13 @ 06:13
Comment from: Marisa [Visitor]
OMG I love that machine but I'm so scatterbrained I'd probbly cut my hands off.
02/04/13 @ 10:47
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
I just love coming to a project at the very start. You are such a methodical worker - or not? Perhaps you're laughing at this point!
02/08/13 @ 08:31
Comment from: becky [Visitor]  
I have the table saw and I now know what my next major purchase is gonna be, just love your attachment!
02/09/13 @ 09:22
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you for the votes of confidence! :D Yes, I am very methodical...always thinking and planning. :))
02/10/13 @ 20:18

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