Teapot clock and bird statue

by brae  

Jewelry findings make for great minis.  I bought a string of teapot shaped beads by Madame Delphine.  I found a photo of a clock online and printed it on an Avery label.  I then mounted the label on a scrap of balsa.

I cut out the clock face and pressed it into the back of the bead.  I didn't end up using glue on this since the fit was tight.  Here the back is shown before I painted the wood black so it wouldn't show from the side when attached to the wall.

I mounted it on the wall above the door in the kitchen.

click image to enlarge

The other item I made is a bird statue from a sterling silver charm and a wooden bead.  I cut the loop from the top of the bird charm and glued the piece to the bead.  I am not even trying to fool myself into thinking it will stay put forever (I've glued it twice already), but as long as I don't touch it and leave it on the shelf, it will be okay.

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