Suitcase valet

by brae  

This is one of those Plan B items that is probably better than the original idea.  A huge thanks to Blondie for the brainstorm when I ran out of time for the original wardrobe plan.  :]

The suitcases made by Fran are borrowed from the Heritage attic.

Yes, it folds for storage!  :D

I might have to make some of these for my etsy shop -- but it won't be until the New Year!  I going to need a breather (and a cleanup crew)!


Comment from: Heather [Visitor]

These are great! I love that they fold too!

12/12/13 @ 08:49
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]

Whoo hoo! It looks so wonderful with Fran’s suitcase. Spectacular.

12/12/13 @ 16:23
Comment from: janice [Visitor]

These are a fun idea.

12/13/13 @ 14:07
Comment from: Sandra Atwood [Visitor]

I actually bought a miniature one of those on ebay and I used it to hold a wooden tray with a tea set in a room where I needed a table next to a chair but did not have enough room for an end table and the wooden tray looked too awkward on a small stand

12/14/13 @ 06:20

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