Snake Plant

by brae  

One of the few remaining items from my earlier dollhouse days is a book on making miniature plants out of florist tape called Miniature House Plants by Ruth Hanke.  I made an elephant ear plant from a DVD called Master Miniaturists: Flowers & Plants.  It has a similar approach.

There are a ton of house plants in this 1988 book, and I know I've made at least one of them before.  This time around, I opted for the snake plant.

Here's a real life one for example.

image from

For the dirt, I glued in a piece of styrofoam into a ceramic pot.  I then covered the surface with tacky glue and sprinkled on earl grey tea.  It has a nice peat moss quality.

In the book example, while the author did include painting the rough stripes of the plant, she didn't include the wide light green outer edges so I added those based on the real deal.  :D  I then sealed the leaves with Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish.

I poked holes in the styrofoam base, clipped the long wires and glued each leaf in place.  The plant stand is a McQueenie Miniatures kit I made previously.

I rather like how this plant turned out.  :D  I think I'll be making a few more examples from this book.

Note: for those of you who work in half scale, this book includes both 1" and 1/2" scale patterns.  :D


Comment from: Eliana [Visitor]

I really like this plant.
Here in Brazil the name of this plant is - Sword of St. George. Following the popular superstition, who owns this plant at home is free of envy of others. :)

07/19/11 @ 06:46
Comment from: brae [Member]

That’s so interesting, Eliana. We all have different traditions and stories behind the same or similar things. :yes:

07/19/11 @ 07:20
Comment from: Amelia [Visitor]

I honestly cannot tell the difference between the real plant and the miniature one. The wonders of floral tape remain undiminished! :D

07/19/11 @ 08:13

Love the plant,so real!!!!Miniregards.

07/19/11 @ 08:52
Comment from: Natalia [Visitor]

I really enjoy very much following your blog and learn something new each day. I love your vision of different things, your ideas and the way you make them real. Thank you for sharing. Natalia

07/19/11 @ 14:30
Comment from: Sara [Visitor]

That’s a mighty nice plant you got there!

07/20/11 @ 13:33
Comment from: Maru [Visitor]

Es preciosa y te ha quedado muy real. Ese libro es fantástico por lo bien que lo explica todo. Anímate a hacer más porque te quedan perfectas.

07/21/11 @ 03:15
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thanks so much, everyone! :D

07/22/11 @ 07:47

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