Category: "Polymer clay"

Saltwater aquarium in 1:12 scale

by brae  

There are several miniature aquariums on the market, some with lighting. In fact, I had one in my childhood dollhouse, though I lost track of it a long time ago. Additionally, there are miniaturists out there who have made their own fish tanks. There's a… more »

Whooooo's a cutie?!

by brae  

One of my favorite animals is the owl, and I especially love the Burrowing Owl.  I have a printout of this image of a Burrowing Owl chick on my wall at work.  It makes me smile.  :D image by David Roach Even though I really don't have a need for one… more »


by brae  

I have a Michael's craft sheet from 1992 for a scarecrow made from a large pumpkin bell, raffia and preserved leaves.  I made one of these back when I got the craft sheet, but I figured I'd make one in mini today.  Instead of a pumpkin bell for the… more »

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