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by brae  

What a Halloween display without a jack-o'-lantern?!   I've seen many techniques used in making hollow pumpkins from polymer clay.  Most often something is baked inside: styrofoam, foil or a glass marble.  Each of these has pros and cons.  The styrofo… more »


by brae  

Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on...pumpkins made from polymer clay.  They have been formed and shaped so far but not yet baked.  Grandma buys big pumpkins for Halloween!  No monkeying around with the small ones. I love how misshapen and… more »

Merry scarecrow tutorial

by brae  

Featured in the September Greenleaf Gazette.  click images to enlarge Merry Scarecrow Tutorial This is a fun, simple and versatile tutorial for making raffia and polymer clay scarecrows. Along with craft glue, some small clamps, a ruler and scissor… more »

New 1:12 scale saltwater aquarium

by brae  

I've come to the conclusion that I love Yellow Tangs, especially in miniature.  :D I have this 1:12 scale saltwater aquarium listed in my etsy shop.  It includes five hand-sculpted fish, plastic and natural plants, tiny shells and even a starfish.  I… more »

Hens in the works

by brae  

I accomplished a lot over the weekend, but I can show you only the work-in-progress hens for the henhouse.  :D I'm emulating a particular breed of hen, but I can't tell you what might be too much of a hint.  There are two chicks, too, not s… more »

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