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Happy Thanksgiving!

by brae  

What else should be featured on Thanksgiving but food!  :D  In case you hadn't noticed with all the minis completed around here, I've had the week off from work.  So, today just feels like another vacation day, but I get yummy dinner at mom's.

Today, I dragged out the clay and made some carrots using the tutorial from Sugar Charm Shop.  I made a few stumps to plant and two full carrots for show.

I used reindeer moss for the tufts.

I also made a few more mushrooms, using Peiwen Petitgrand's book on making clay food.

There's also a tutorial for carrots in here, too.

I also made some more Moo Cow cookies for etsy.  :D


by brae  

Yes, I'm still around.  I got out the clay again to bake in miniature.  I made chocolate chip cookies from a tutorial by Sugar Charm Shop, but I used a paper towel to press the cookies since mom's cookies have a soft texture and I wanted them to look like hers.  I must admit, they do look like the real deal.  nom nom nom!  :D

Feline update: Vi went to go live with my friend last Wednesday, and it was a disaster.  :\  She had been excessively hiding in a tiny tiny TINY space under the rear of a TV stand where she could barely fit and couldn't see anything.  She was so scared.  He said he left for long periods when she was able to roam free (and when he was sleeping), so he knew she was eating and using her litter box.

We decided I should come for a visit, so I did that over the weekend.  I blew lightly under the TV stand so she could pick up my scent, and she immediately meowed.  Hooray!  Then, she came out -- within one minute of my being there.  She was still skittish with him in the room, but she was all over me.  I guess that means I'm a good kitty mama.  We blocked that crazy hiding spot, and she found one that was larger and more acceptable to all of us.

My friend bought treats, so that helped, too.  I stayed a few hours and she explored more and more.  She even went up to him, let him pet her, and showed her belly to him a couple of times for rubs.  I totally felt like Jackson Galaxy!  :D

She's been shy since but comes out when he sits with her and lets him pet her.  Progress!


Milo Valley Farm - porcelain fuse block, completed

by brae  

I finished the porcelain fuse block by adding the knife switch and two fuses.  The fuses are made from brass and silver watch parts (painted) and two clear plastic discs.  The switch doesn't pivot; it's glued in place.  I mixed some brown paint with Americana Staining Medium to age the assembly.

I drilled holes through the wall to insert tubes to the exterior.  I'll address the exterior electrical portion later.  My original attempt at mimicking the shaped end of the porcelain tube was done with contour putty.

It was too brittle and fell to pieces, so I cut the tubes and pressed one end onto an awl to stretch it a bit.  This allows for a slight shape even if it's not an exact replica.

I glued the box to the wall and then added two brass nails clipped short to fit.  The bottom screw holes disintegrated when I drilled the larger holes, but you won't see this once the final cording is in place.

I chose to mount the fuse block higher than I had it in initial map.  From what I've read, it was difficult not to shock yourself (i.e., electrocute yourself) when throwing the switch.  I figured it would be best to keep it in a place where nothing would lean on it by accident, something like a metal rake.

I'm now ready to finish up the cording through the remaining knobs and tubes.

Milo Valley Farm - porcelain fuse block

by brae  

While I had the clay out for cookies and other items for my etsy shop, I worked on making a porcelain fuse block for the knob and tube system.  This is for the service entrance like the one shown in this image (the whole article is awesome).  I used polymer clay (Sculpey in Pearl) since it was easiest to mold and shape and would look enough like porcelain to pass.

I used jewelry findings for the connectors.  The measurements for the real deal are roughly 3" x 6" from the few I saw listed for sale.  Mine is a little large for scale at 1/2" x 3/4", but it's all relative in the barn and it shouldn't make a difference for realism.  I didn't think I could successfully work any smaller.  :D

Once the baking is done, I'll add the knife switch and fuses.  Then it will be ready to install.  :]

Making cookies on a Saturday

by brae  

I had the clay out today, so I made some cookies for my etsy shop.  :]

Chocolate bunnies and carrots

Four leaf clovers

Moo cows

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