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Milo Valley Farm - porcelain fuse block, completed

by brae  

I finished the porcelain fuse block by adding the knife switch and two fuses.  The fuses are made from brass and silver watch parts (painted) and two clear plastic discs.  The switch doesn't pivot; it's glued in place.  I mixed some brown paint with… more »

Milo Valley Farm - porcelain fuse block

by brae  

While I had the clay out for cookies and other items for my etsy shop, I worked on making a porcelain fuse block for the knob and tube system.  This is for the service entrance like the one shown in this image (the whole article is awesome).  I used… more »

Making cookies on a Saturday

by brae  

I had the clay out today, so I made some cookies for my etsy shop.  :] Chocolate bunnies and carrots Four leaf clovers Moo cows more »


by brae  

I am finishing up some landscaping for the final Heritage post showcasing the exterior and the overall build itself.  But, I thought this element deserved its own post...mushrooms!!!  :D I started with Peiwen Petitgrand's book on making clay food.… more »

Moo Cow Cookies!

by brae  

While I was working on my swap cookies tonight, I tried another new punch I bought...tiny moo cows!  :D  They are iced in black and white, each one a unique freehand creation. I posted this set in my etsy shop. more »

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