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Honeycomb on a plate

by brae  

Today I made honeycomb on a plate. :D

I've been doing some trial and error the past couple of weekends, and today I think I got pretty close. I want to try one more thing but I'm moving on for today. Once I have these worked out, I'll put a few up on etsy.

Halloween cake with wee ghosts

by brae  

I made a cake following the tutorial by Maive Ferrando in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine. I had to change the method a bit for my own skill level and techniques I'm more comfortable with, and I'm happy with the end result. I made my cake whole and added a tombstone cookie.

Moo Cow cookies return!

by brae  

A throwback from years ago. I has been a long time since I last made these.

I've listed a few sets on etsy.

They're baaaack....

by brae  

As zombie apple cookies are apt to do. I made a few more plates of zombified cookies and listed on etsy.

Zombie apple cookies

by brae  

In continuing with my polymer clay adventures, I thought I would make some poison apple cookies to go with my poison apple cake. Well, the best laid plans....

After forming the apple cookies, painting on the green icing and then adding the black icing, all was going well. Until the black icing shifted more than expected during baking.

This is what I was going for, and this is the only one that turned out like my vision.

The remaining are these. I thought they were outright fails, until I showed them to my miniaturist group and they raved about them. :D  Sometimes I think people are just being nice, but in this case, they bought them all up save four! It made me feel better about my perceived failure and turned these into a happy accident. Thus, the zombie apple cookie was born.

I did end up putting some sets on etsy if anyone else is taken with these zombified cookies.

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