by brae  

Man, the work is piling up around here.  :D

At the office, I often need to break down outdated business materials and shred the contents.  I keep the plain tab pages and color separators for reuse.  I used one of these tab pages to make goldenrod file folders using a template found online.  I printed them on the page, and then cut inside the black lines.  They have a faint fold line that disappears once folded.

The paper is thicker than regular computer paper but still thin to work in scale.

The legal documents are from PrintMini.  I used the fine tip of my highlighters for a few of the documents.  Right now the folders and papers are unruly, but when I make my mini scene I will glue some of them closed.  I also need to clean up some of the guideline edges.  :]

This one still has the sticky "sign here" tab attached.  This was made from cutting a sliver from the real deal.  :D  The paperweight is from Debora.

I used some online images for the business checks, invoices and forms.

What I am up to?  Time will tell!  :D

Update: added a tutorial on making the paperwork in miniature.


Comment from: April [Visitor]
Awesome. Love the checks :D Ohhhh, is that a sticky note pad? Gotta have that on your desk for sure.
06/17/15 @ 18:06
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
Love it!!! If only my desk were really that neat.... :) And LOOK at that pencil!!!!! Such a fun little scene!
06/17/15 @ 18:38
Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
I love it!
06/17/15 @ 22:31
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
That looks amazing! I can see I'll be looking at my desk tomorrow morning from a whole new perspective.
06/17/15 @ 23:03
Comment from: Wanda [Visitor]
Looks great as usual!
06/18/15 @ 15:42
Comment from: Betsy Rogers [Visitor]
Wow! You are amazing! Someday I will have to learn how to manipulate images from the internet to make them tiny! You do it so well! Fantastic details as usual! I can't wait to find out what these are for!
06/18/15 @ 17:13
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
Wonderfully detailed. A great idea. What are you up to?
06/19/15 @ 02:49

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