Odds and ends - Studio progress

by brae  

I've been making a number of accessories for the Studio as well as finishing up yet more trim and structural details.  I cut a section of Feathers scrapbook paper by Recollections, glued it to a piece of black mat board and had instant wall art!

I finished assembling the Chrysnbon radiator for the bathroom.  The shower needs to be finished before the final baseboard trim can be added.  For now, I still have the scrap holding the wire for the flickering LED for the wood stove, just to keep it from being pulled out of shape.

I made a bath mat and rug for around the toilet using baby terry cloth.  I cut the shapes and then dabbed Fray Check all along the edges.  That stuff is noxious, but it works so well to keep fabric intact on cut edges.

I made two modern block shelves for groceries and dishes to sit on above the Miele half fridge.  I have more accessories planned for this space.  The tiny cross stitch is by Mary Lynne at The Dollhouse Needle, but it has since been moved to the living area.

On the exterior, I wired the wood stove flickering LED switch inside the firewood box.

As shown previously, the firewood lifts out to access the switch and battery inside.

I created a simple step for the door from basswood.

Even with templates, the red siding didn't fit perfectly when installed.  There was also a seam near the top in front where the wall was taller than the length of the siding strips.  I painted strip wood to match and covered these imperfections.

It's a subtle change, but it makes the structure more complete.

Slowly but surely...I'm getting there!  :D


Comment from: Peggy [Visitor]
Wow! Looking so great! It reminds me of a place I have been or wish to be. Love the detailing and the outter deck especially. Thanks for sharing your "how to"'s !
04/30/13 @ 13:25
Comment from: 12Create [Visitor]
All the extra little details really add to it. It is looking quite a cosy artists studio. Look forward to seeing the completed studio.
04/30/13 @ 13:40
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
All those little touches are what makes us want to come back for a second and third look. I love your couch area with the assorted colours of the couch, afghan, and cushions. The cat seems to like it also. He looks like he's contemplating a nap!
04/30/13 @ 21:44
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
It's all in the details, Pea! And you know how much I love details! The studio is coming along beautifully. (I've been so caught up with my build, I think I have missed 8 posts!)
05/02/13 @ 06:12

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