New kitchen minis

by brae  

I recently purchased some lovely kitchen minis from LugArt Petit on etsy.  They are unique and beautifully made.  :D

A mini soap dispenser.

A lovely tea canister.

Tiny dessert awesome.  :D

A cute oven mitt with pine trees.

Tiny muffins on a flower plate.

A canister with a removable lid that holds tiny chocolate cream filled cookies.  :D

I think this calls for a full miniature set-up...time to dig through the stash.  Be right back...


Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
I don't know which I like better: those exquisite new minis or a chance to catch the 6 a.m. "Breakfast Show with Roland" before work. :)
03/26/14 @ 06:56
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
I just choked on my soda. The minis are beautiful, and that last photo is priceless!!
03/26/14 @ 08:20
Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
Oh noes! You walked away! I can just imagine how it looks after Roland gets through with it! LOL! Great minis!
03/26/14 @ 08:51
Comment from: April [Visitor]
Well you can kiss those cookies goodbye LOL
03/26/14 @ 09:13
Comment from: Mona [Visitor]
They looks so well made. Love the little tea box. Mona
03/26/14 @ 12:00
Comment from: Susan Korman [Visitor]  
Love them all and looks like so will Roland! Ha, ha, ha!!
03/26/14 @ 17:12
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
All those little pieces! So many of them! Must be so much work painting them all and a finicky gluing job! Thanks for that link. I don't know if I'll ever use it but I like to collect them in case I ever get anything done and I run out of wood!
03/26/14 @ 19:44
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Such cute little pieces. I love the dessert cups. I've never seen that before!
03/26/14 @ 19:46
Comment from: 12Create [Visitor]
Lovely new items but uh-oh look who is in the background!
03/26/14 @ 20:17
Comment from: brae [Member]
:)) Glad to give you all a laugh!
03/27/14 @ 08:28
Comment from: Karine [Visitor]
Great choice ! I've got some miniatures from Lugart Petit too and I adore them !! So little, so cute ! Enjoy !
03/27/14 @ 13:50

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