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Rose rug in punchneedle

by brae  

There were a few unfinished projects for the Heritage, one of which being the replacement rug for either the parlor or the bedroom.  I looked online for a suitable replacement and found this design from and printed out a paper mockup to se… more »

Prairie Rug - 29.25 hours with a major setback

by brae  

I am currently at 29.25 hours of work on the Prairie Rug, but this has become irrelevant due to a major problem with this project.  While punchneedle does go quickly, much of the work I've done on this rug is likely for naught.  You can clearly see the… more »

Bees and Trees rug - completed!

by brae  

I finished stitching the Bees and Trees French knot rug.  It took me a total of 34.75 hours of stitching time, just under 5.5 hours per square inch for this tiny 3.25" x 2" rug.  :]   For finishing, I trimmed then turned under the edges, pressing them… more »

Monthly needlework update

by brae  

The only bad thing about having three needlework projects going at once is that I could have finished one in the same amount of time worked on all three this past month.  :D The Bees and Trees French knot rug is nearly finished at 31.5 hours of work.… more »

Elephant tapestry - 4 hours

by brae  

I wanted to bring something along to Vancouver to occupy myself on the plane and during any downtime (ha!) while away.  The two needlework projects I had going weren't good for travel.  I figured the TSA would take one look at the punchneedle and scowl… more »

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