Category: "Needlework"

Seeking elusive llamas

by brae  

I've mentioned before that I save things in an inspiration folder.  Quite a few years ago, I ran across a mousepad with an image of needlepoint llamas on it.  It was cute, so into the file it went. Then I made this llama rug from a pattern from… more »

Morgan Lap Stand - best of both worlds

by brae  

I've shown you the wonderful wooden Baby Z Lap Frame I have to hold my needlework projects.  It's portable and well made.  It is relatively heavy, but that works well to hold it in place while in use. I've also shown you the Morgan No-Slip hoop that… more »

Tulip Rug - 1 hour

by brae  

I have my floss wound on bobbins and the pattern transferred to my fabric.  I also adjusted the blue tip on the needle to make a shorter stitch.  The Tulip Rug has so much detail, that I thought a shorter pile would work better. It looks cleaner on the… more »

Prairie Rug II - stitching complete

by brae  

I finished stitching the Prairie Rug II with 24.75 hours of stitching time, which is a lot less than I put into the first one that I never finished.  As I mentioned, I had a better handle on the technique so I was able to work more quickly. I need to g… more »

Punchneedle tips and tricks

by brae  

I'm not an expert on punchneedle, but several people have contacted me about it so I decided to make a blog post with some of the things I've encountered.  I haven't finished a punchneedle rug, but when I do I will add those instructions here. - Read th… more »

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