Category: "Needlework"

Living room rug

by brae  

During planning, I used paper printouts of various rugs to see what worked with the décor I had chosen for the different rooms.  One I especially liked was Parasols by Thomas Paul which I ended up using in the living room.   While the paper printout… more »

Llama rug

by brae  

I stitched another pattern from Exquisite Miniatures in Cross Stitch and Other Counted Thread Techniques by Brenda Keyes, the same book where I got the pattern for the orange tree tapestry.  Unlike the first project, I hadn't planned to change the… more »

Conservatory progress and wall tapestry

by brae  

I cut the window and door openings in the new 3/8" plywood walls of the conservatory.  It was quite a workout since I didn't have power tools on hand to use.  The foam core rooftop is just for planning purposes.  I haven't decided on whether I want a… more »

Needlepoint in miniature and my first book

by brae  

Since I started the Newport, I've been checking out books from the library to find ideas for projects and to generally drool over all of the beautiful minis out there.  One of the better books I found was Embroidered Projects by Sue Hawkins. It has… more »

Faux crochet afghan

by brae  

I know how to crochet real life size items, but I remain in awe of those who crochet in miniature.  I might give it a try one day, but in the meantime, I figured out a way to make an afghan that looks crocheted using premade trims and some sewing… more »

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