Category: "Needlework"

Blue medallion rug update - 121.75 hours

by brae  

Rounding the bend on the third corner of the blue medallion rug, but is there ever a ton left to do!  :O This is 121.75 hours of work. more »

Blue medallion update - 111.5 hours

by brae  

I did a lot more stitching this past month than I had done for my previous update.  I have the outer border completed on the opposite end from where I started and the medallion is taking shape.  This is 111.5 hours of work...still a lot to go, but I've… more »

Blue medallion update - 85.75 hours

by brae  

Back on schedule for the monthly updates on the blue medallion rug.  I've started building the border for the center medallion and carrying the outer border down the sides.  This is 85.75 hours of work.   more »

Blue medallion rug update - halfway at 80.25 hours

by brae  

I didn't get to work on the rug as much as I wanted last month, so my update is a couple of week late.  I've made it to the halfway mark, plus a little past. This is 80.25 hours of stitching time, which means the rug should take about 160 hours in to… more »

Blue medallion rug update - 57.5 hours

by brae  

In my latest update on the blue medallion rug, I've set up a couple of scenes to try out some furniture. In the first scene, I've used the whimsical cabinet by minisx2, a vase gifted to me from Minismodernas and a plant grouping gifted to me from Fra… more »

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