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Baby Z Lap Frame

by brae  

Working with French knots is different from working in cross-stitch or petitpoint in that it is easier if you have both hands free.  I've been working on the Bees and Trees rug without a lap frame, and it's hard not to start hunching forward as you work… more »

Bees and Trees

by brae  

I've opened the package and sorted by yarns for the Teresa Layman Bees and Trees French knot rug.  I had most of the suggested colors on hand but substituted a few like colors for the missing ones. I've never tried one of these but think French knot… more »

Blue medallion rug - completed

by brae  

I have finished binding the blue medallion rug, and it is ready to take its place in The Artist's Studio.   Stitching time 154.5 hours. Final finishing took only a couple of hours.  The final measurements are.   The chart came from Jorge Cubells'… more »

Blue medallion rug - stitching complete!

by brae  

I've been quiet on the blog while I spent time finishing the stitching portion of the blue medallion rug.   It shouldn't take too long to bind the edges so it will be all ready for the Studio.  :D more »

Blue medallion rug update - 138.25 hours

by brae  

It's coming down to the wire with the blue medallion rug...which is a good thing since this is meant for The Artist's Studio!  The Undersized Urbanite contest deadline is May 4.  Once the stitching is done, there is still the final finishing to be compl… more »

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