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Contacts and a dye job

by brae  

Okay, the three dark brown horses now have light eyes, manes and triangle detailing.  One of them has a observable tail, but the new light color would have blended with the grey horse's legs to the right so I stitched that in the same brown as the… more »

The Nine Horses - 16.25 hours

by brae  

I was hit with a bad cold this past week, so I've been doing nothing but sleeping and popping cold meds.  :\  I did some more work on the Nine Horses tapestry now that I'm feeling better.  This is 16.25 hours of work.  Since I'm leaving off part of the… more »

The Nine Horses - 4.75 hours

by brae  

I have begun stitching on The Nine Llamas using 32ct Jobelan fabric in parchment.  I'm using two strands of DMC floss and using the tent stitch (half cross stitch).  I'm changing my colors from the original as I usually do and am planning to leave off… more »

Seeking elusive llamas

by brae  

I've mentioned before that I save things in an inspiration folder.  Quite a few years ago, I ran across a mousepad with an image of needlepoint llamas on it.  It was cute, so into the file it went. Then I made this llama rug from a pattern from… more »

Morgan Lap Stand - best of both worlds

by brae  

I've shown you the wonderful wooden Baby Z Lap Frame I have to hold my needlework projects.  It's portable and well made.  It is relatively heavy, but that works well to hold it in place while in use. I've also shown you the Morgan No-Slip hoop that… more »

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