Musical planter

by brae  

The Spring Fling has swiped the rustic planter that Lyssa sent me.  I had refinished it and planned to use for the Heritage.  I must say it looks perfect with the Fling, though I've had to crop the photo so I don't give away too much.  :D

I had some terracotta and wood pots, but they were rather I turned them into a lovely collection of painted pottery.  I have flower kits and punches, so filling them shouldn't take too long.

Just a month left!  :O  My building is 99.9% completed, but my to do list seems to be growing.  There's a lot of, "Oh, I could add this, and this, OOOOH, and this!!!"  I have to knock that off.  :D

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Comment from: April [Visitor]
It's going to be tough not to add stuff with this much time left. The flowers will only keep you busy for so long :) Love the mixed pottery in the stand.
08/02/12 @ 17:16

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