Muddy, mossy foundation and cellar

by brae  

I will soon be ready to start gluing walls together permanently, so I needed to complete the foundation.  After grouting, the bricks were too shiny and new to be part of an old house.

I started with a paint wash I like to call mud: Mushroom and Medium Grey by Folk Art mixed with some black paint and a bit of water.

I brushed it on liberally and then blotted with a paper towel.

Now the grout is dirty and the shiny surface of the red bricks has been toned down.

Next, I used Aleene's clear gel tacky glue to add the moss exactly as I had done for the front steps.

Now, I think we're getting somewhere!

I think this really sets off the worn paint very well.  :]

It's now consistent with the stone steps.

And, I love the way the cellar windows look with the moss around them.

There were two things missing from the cellar doors: a handle and old rusty nails.  One of these oversights has been addressed!   :D


Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
Awesome, brae. The windows do look stellar. The house is getting a really great cohesive look now. I adore it. Really, it looks perfect! Portico now!? :D
10/09/11 @ 08:41
Comment from: Josje [Visitor]
It's looking good Brea! I love those cellar doors, such fantastic weathering on them!
10/09/11 @ 10:32
Comment from: Lataina [Visitor]
Brae, it's brilliant! =)
10/09/11 @ 18:24
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you, thank you! :>>
10/09/11 @ 22:37

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