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Introducing....The Aero Squadron Lounge

by brae  

My entry in the 2012 Greenleaf Dollhouses Annual Spring Fling is The Aero Suadron Lounge. On the property of the local aviation museum sits The Aero Squadron Lounge, a WWI themed lounge modeled after a French farmhouse.  Outside is a replica 1917 Sopwi… more »

1:32 Scale Academy Sopwith Camel

by brae  

It has been a long time since I put together a plastic car model, and I have never done any sort of aircraft before let alone one with rigging.  I learned a whole bunch of new vocabulary words during this part of the project, too!  No, not new curse wor… more »

Rustic farm wagon listed on etsy

by brae  

The wagon is now listed for sale in my etsy shop.  You can find the listing here. I painted the exterior of the wagon with a mixture of black and green paint, though it ended up being very dark grey with just a hint of green.  I used 1/8" wide Instant… more »

Farm wagon - almost done!

by brae  

I did mostly housework today, but I did make time to work on the farm wagon project.  It's almost ready!  :D more »

Roundy roundy wagon wheels

by brae  

The Allwood covered wagon kit I am transforming into a 1:12 scale farm wagon has an ingenious method for constructing the wagon wheels.  They supply dowels you cut into spokes and the shaped inner hubs. The wheels are made from two layers of diecut… more »

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