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Tamiya tool set - part 1

by brae  

I've started working on the 1:12 scale Tamiya tool set. I might not make everything in the box, mainly because I already have better examples of these tools in metal and wood.  The first bit of business is to remove the pieces from the sprue then sand… more »

License plates in 1:12 scale

by brae  

I've been trying out some new ideas for random farm junk and thought some old license plates would be appropriate for a barn find car.  My first go around has been a success! They are made from paper but look like metal with the embossed detailing. … more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 3 - color!

by brae  

Continuing work on the Datsun 240ZG. I spray painted the underside, wheel wells and engine compartment flat black.  I then did a quick spray of flat grey in the engine compartment.  I didn't worry too much about overspray for the grey since this will be… more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 2

by brae  

Just a quick update on the 1:12 scale Datsun 240ZG by Tamiya. Once the front brakes are assembled, the parts are supposed to spin.  Success so far!  :D   more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 1

by brae  

I'm going to start this build with a disclaimer: I am an artist, not a modeler.  :D  This is a very specific car, so be forewarned that I plan to take several liberties with it strictly for taste.  There are some fantastic stock and modified builds out… more »

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