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Datsun 240ZG - part 7 - initial aging

by brae  

Continuing work on the Datsun 240ZG.  The engine compartment of my barn find auto shouldn't be showroom new, but of course the Testors Fiery Orange turned out showroom new.  :\  Ah, well...easily fixed. I sprayed the compartment with Testors Frosted… more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 6 - engine work continues

by brae  

Continuing work on the Datsun 240ZG.  I've assembled more parts for the engine, and it's coming together nicely.  I added some painted detailing in the way of bronze nuts and bolts.  Making nuts and bolts a different color can add realism with a minimal… more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 5 - engine work

by brae  

I knocked out two pages of instructions for the Datsun 240ZG this weekend!  This isn't all of the work I completed from those pages, but this is the main piece in progress. I've looked at some real life engine photos for color but I've mostly followed… more »

Datsun 240ZG - part 4 - back to building

by brae  

Continuing work on the Datsun 240ZG. It has been a long while since I last worked on the car model for my barn find.  This will be slow going because there are so many parts in general and many of them will be functional parts.  I'm also in no rush and… more »

Tamiya tool set - part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the 1:12 scale Tamiya tool set.  I'm starting with the polyethylene tank and oil jug.  Here's a reminder of what these looked like after assembly and initial sanding. I primed them with grey spray primer and then followed that up… more »

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