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It gets a little muddy on the farm

by brae  

I have the chassis and hound built as well as the basic structure of the wagon.  I added the first wash of black and brown acrylic paint.  I like making a mess.  ;] I scored the pieces to make the structure look as though it was made from boards… more »

Farm wagon - side project

by brae  

I am still enjoying working on the Heritage, but it is such a long, involved process that I've been feeling the itch to work on something else.  To that end, I am working on a small side project...a farm wagon similar to this one from Baslow Ranch. I… more »

Baslow Ranch - Farm wagon

by brae  

This was one of the initial things I built for the Ranch.  As an integral part of my idea, I had to figure out from the start if it would even work the way I wanted. My wagon was adapted from a covered wagon kit by Allwood (made in the 70s, I think). … more »

The wayback machine

by brae  

Though I had a dollhouse in childhood, my main interest for as long as I can remember has been cars.  I wanted an all-terrain vehicle for my second birthday, and grandpa bought it for me.  :D  I am not sure exactly when I got into building model cars, bu… more »

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