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Citroën DS19 1/16 - part 3

by brae  

After applying putty to even out the body panels and letting the Citroën DS19 sit for a few days, I came to the realization that I don't need this kind of stress.  pffft.  If there's one thing I do well, it's making junkers. So, let's have some fun and… more »

Citroën DS19 1/16 - part 2

by brae  

Beginning work on the Citroën DS19 in 1/16 scale.  As I mentioned previously, there's a modeler who built one to completion with excellent results so I am following those instructions as well as those from the kit.  The main change made is putting the… more »

Citroën DS19 1/16 - part 1

by brae  

A new model car, especially one with cautionary reviews like the 1/16 Heller Citroën DS19, always starts with extensive research.  I look at many forums, blogs and online photo albums from people who have built, or attempted to build, the same kit.  I… more »

Hell on wheels

by brae  

I've been rather busy the past couple of weekends socially and have another busy one ahead, but I am mulling ideas and of course buying minis behind the scenes.  :D  I even got a NEW CAR (now I have The Price is Right theme song in my head). Errmmm,… more »

Introducing - Ye Olde Taxidermist

by brae  

Introducing Ye Olde Taxidermist, my entry in the HBS Creatin' Contest 2016.  Some images in this post can be clicked to enlarge. Click here for a complete list of posts on Ye Olde Taxidermist, including how I made things and the materials used. --------… more »

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