Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale, part 6

by brae  

Completing work on the Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale by Robin Betterley's Miniatures.

A dear blog reader suggested the face didn't look right, and I thought it was just me who felt that way - or because the hands weren't on yet.  So, I decided to print two more versions with smaller dials.  You'll see this revised face for the rest of the build.  Instead of digging out the pasted face, I just added another cardstock circle to bring it forward a bit more and pasted the new face over the top.  I applied a thin layer of Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish as a sealer for the paper face and previously applied artwork adapted from The Graphics Fairy.

The hands are Susanne Russo brasses, a lovely find of new old stock at a local show.  The package indicates the color is black, but they are brass.  One side was tarnished, so I used that for my clock.

I drilled winding holes as accents, lining them with a bit of paint.  I added tiny bits of black wire at the top and bottom to allow the acrylic to float over the hands.

I cut the middle face trim to accommodate an additional 3/16" hinge.

There's a small nail for the knob.  I dabbed these with Taupe Metallic by Folk Art to match the other detailing.  Since the hinges don't function, the paint won't matter.  Now it looks like you can open the glass to wind the clock.

The acrylic that came with the kit had an imperfection that was large enough to bother me.  Instead of digging out the Cricut, I managed to cut a new insert by hand.  :D

I added a small keyhole from a Classics door knob set and fashioned a key from a laser cut brass hook from The Ironworks.

This is one of my favorite details.  :D

Here you can see the door hinges on the body.

Here's a reminder of what the kit photo suggested for finishing.

And, here is my finished version.  :]

I had a lot of fun with this kit and wish they were still available.


Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
It’s looks beautiful!
05/23/18 @ 23:53
Comment from: Anna [Visitor]
Fabulous, fabulous finish. All those clever details and adaptions you have a incorporated a just so fascinating.... and that teeny weeny key in the door is just the 'icing on the cake'.
05/24/18 @ 04:52
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
Just lovely! The details are perfection.
05/24/18 @ 05:22
Comment from: Ann [Visitor]  
I have learned a lot about clock making from watching you. I have my grandfather's clock waiting to be painted. I won't go to such detail as you have, but you have given my good ideas. The clock face that you made is perfect.
05/24/18 @ 06:32
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
It's a lovely clock and I especially like the decoration on the front and the tiny key. It's these little additions that turn an ordinary piece into special piece.
05/24/18 @ 07:09
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
Wow! First I'm amazed you can cut a circle by hand. Then...all these little details. The winding holes on the clock face are my favorite. The clocks I grew up with had them. And that key is just the perfect finishing touch. I love the contrast with your colors and your background sets the body off perfectly. Just gorgeous. I wonder if you could recreate the clock using cardstock? The way Kris does her kits and mini how to's?
05/24/18 @ 07:17
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]
Very nicely done Brae :)
05/24/18 @ 07:43
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks so much! :>> I did keep the empty wood sheets so I could reference the shapes and wood thicknesses used just in case I try to make another from scratch. :yes:
05/24/18 @ 10:52
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
You make even the simplest of kits so beautifully detailed, and extract every ounce of potential! I love how you've thought of everything - it's exceptional!
05/24/18 @ 11:36
Comment from: rosanna [Visitor]
Brae, your attention to details is just mind blowing ! the clòock is simply wonderful !
05/24/18 @ 12:10
Comment from: azteclady [Visitor]
Your work is always gorgeous! And I really like the new clock face much better :grin:
05/24/18 @ 18:16
Comment from: betsy rogers [Visitor]
Hi Brae! I Love Love Love what you have done with all the tiny details on this clock! (Even if they are non-working... the idea is there! ) I have this same clock in the Secret Christmas House (Robin Betterly's kit) only it is 1/144th scale and I only tried to add painted knobs for the imaginary doors! As usual, your work is exquisite... you have made a magnificent clock!!!
05/25/18 @ 17:45
Comment from: Gayle Taylor [Visitor]
Your work is always fabulous. You're my heroine!
05/28/18 @ 10:22
Comment from: Kristine [Visitor]
A beautiful finished piece Brae! The tiny details and hardware are what really make this an heirloom quality piece for me!
05/31/18 @ 11:03
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you all so much! :>>
06/03/18 @ 17:06

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