Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the Miss Lydia Pickett Cottage Clock in 1:12 scale by Robin Betterley's Miniatures.

While I was looking through my stash of craft goodies, I found this package of clock face pendants.

I cut the bails from the sides and filed the edges smooth.  It fits perfectly, so perhaps it was meant to be.  :D  I've set it aside as a strong possibility for the final clock face.  I know there are watch movements that can be added, but I'm opting to forego making this a working clock.

The instructions have you bevel the top edge of the base, but I beveled the top edges of the lower base, lower top and body base for added detailing.

For the top part of the clock, I beveled the lower edge of the body top and head base.

The base and body are simple boxes that needed very little adjustment before gluing.

The curved door doesn't open and making opening doors wasn't something I wanted to spend time on, but there's no reason you can't add faux detailing.  :D  I took some 3/16" hinges and made notches to insert them later after painting.

I added the body and base trims, beveling them slightly on the inside edges.

I got the clock head glued together and slathered it with spackling after the initial sanding.  It rather looks like a petit four.  :D  The spackling should make the curve smoother once sanded.


Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
It’s looking great! I like the way you are finishing it. That clock face works well too!
05/13/18 @ 17:39
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
I like your clock face and the hinges are genius. Have you finalized your decision on colors yet?
05/13/18 @ 19:32
Comment from: Kristine [Visitor]
Love seeing this project come together. The spackling is the smartest thing!! I will definitely use this on my laser cut pieces! Thanks!
05/13/18 @ 19:52
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
I love your talent for making ordinary kits into extraordinary pieces! It makes us all strive to do just a little more, and that is so much fun! The clock face is wonderful! I have purchased a lot of tiny watch hands on eBay so that I could make clock faces more three dimensional. I am excited to see how yours turns out!
05/14/18 @ 09:43
Comment from: Susanne F. [Visitor]  
Brae- Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your progress and final results. As a lover of all things beautiful &#59;) your work is an inspiration and so enjoyable to behold. As a beginning miniaturist, it so helpful to read about the process and materials behind such detailed and realistic work. I am so grateful to you, and all the other bloggers, who collectively share so much with the rest of us. You open the door to a magical world. Wishing you all the best.
05/24/18 @ 09:23
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>> I am happy to share and bring mini inspiration! :yes:
05/24/18 @ 10:54

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