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Greenery and flowers

by brae  

I made some small bushes from greenery I bought at the minis shows from A Little More in Miniatures.  I planted the stems in styrofoam painted brown and added yellow tips on a few of the branches.  I then planted some of the black-eyed Susans I made… more »

Rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susans

by brae  

I'm starting to assemble bits for the landscaping, and one of my favorite wildflowers is the black-eyed Susan.  :]  I've made Bonnie Lavish kits in the past, but she is no longer selling and the kits are hard to find.  These flowers are relatively… more »

Bird perches

by brae  

I re-purposed two House of Miniatures kits for Clyde and Sam -- a bookstand and pedestal desk.  I've kept the tops for other uses. I finished them in dark walnut with a satin varnish.  Pretty birdies! To make the perches, I used pieces from the old… more »

Model cars & airplanes, etc.

by brae  

Just a recap post to make it easier to locate past models and works in progress.  Some images in this post can be clicked to view larger.  Each section has a link to the latest post in the build, which can be followed back through the process.  To see a… more »

The Scarecrow

by brae  

In dressing the next Martian, I realized the pants material was rather thin.  So, I made some boxer briefs from darker embroidery thread to keep things decent.  =giggle= Here is Lowell all decked out for Halloween in a new scarecrow costume.  I used… more »

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