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Best Miniatures Blog - Readers' Choice Awards Winner

by brae  

Hooray!!!!  The results are in!  I went to bed early and woke up to a lovely email letting me know my blog was chosen as the Best Miniatures Blog in the Readers' Choice Awards.  It's such an honor!  :D Congratulations to Casey, Joann, Jazzi… more »

Blue medallion rug - stitching complete!

by brae  

I've been quiet on the blog while I spent time finishing the stitching portion of the blue medallion rug.   It shouldn't take too long to bind the edges so it will be all ready for the Studio.  :D more »

Artist paper pads

by brae  

It's been a busy weekend in real life so I didn't do a lot with miniatures.  But, I did manage to make some pads of paper to fill some of the space in the wood crate bookshelves. I found images of actual covers online and printed them with black… more »

Swap with Jane of MiniFanaticus

by brae  

I've loved Jane's minis since she first started blogging about them.  She makes wonderful minis from clay, especially food. Look at these tiny gumdrops and mints!!!   Can't you just taste the granulated sugar?  Feel the refreshing tingle of mint?  … more »

The fabric fairy visited again!

by brae  

Kathy was generous once again and sent me a lovely pack of fabrics.  :D  The orange one on the right is very close to the one I've been looking for. I especially liked the second from the left - the purple with pink flowers, so I found more of it to… more »

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