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The Deck - part 5

by brae  

I finished up the second leaf for The Deck. The third leaf had the most complicated design of the three, so I left it for last.   Once the third leaf was complete, I went back to the first leaf and re-cut some of the boards for a better fit.   Ne… more »

The Deck - part 4

by brae  

With the straight portions of The Deck assembled and the leaf patterns drawn, it was time to start cutting the pieces for the first of the leaves.  Elga, who is a fabulous woodworker, suggested I cut the outer walnut frame in pieces, keeping the grain l… more »

Kitty bed and loo for Cora

by brae  

Cora's bed is a basket by Al Chandronnait from, though I added my own tufted insert since the one included wasn't fluffy enough for Cora's delicate sensibilities.  :D   And, the other thing kitties need is a litter box.  I saved the hon… more »

Tiny paint tubes and other art supplies

by brae  

While searching for some suitable minis for the Studio, I ran across an tutorial by Carol at true2scale.  She provides paint labels, a box template and a painting for her tutorial.  I printed my paint labels on Avery label paper to make it a little easi… more »

The Bishop Show - Day 2...and back to 3 Blind Mice

by brae  

Gorgeous working clock by Halls Miniature Clock from Small Treasures. Perfect X-Acto knife from Ulus Miniatures.  I bought his can opener last year. Needles from Vilia Miniatures - same vendor for the thimble. Ballerina flats from Patrizia Sant… more »

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