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The fabric fairy visited again!

by brae  

Kathy was generous once again and sent me a lovely pack of fabrics.  :D  The orange one on the right is very close to the one I've been looking for. I especially liked the second from the left - the purple with pink flowers, so I found more of it to… more »

It's going to be a photo finish!

by brae  

What an exciting race for Best Miniatures Blog 2013!!!  :D image from Wikipedia  Voting ends March 19, but I am not sure exactly when -- likely depends on time zone. Thank you all for your support and encouragement as well as the nomination in the f… more »


by brae  

Since I was back to waiting on the main structure, I cut some firewood for the wood stove and walnut firewood box.  There was an old farmhouse near my parents' place in a local suburb.  I don't think anyone around here appreciates an old white farmhouse… more »

Vintage suitcases

by brae  

Stacks of vintage suitcases are all over the design blogs and Pinterest.  They combine nostalgia and beauty.  I knew I wanted a set for grandma's attic, and there is no better artisan to turn to than Fran at FranMadeMinis.  I sent her some of my favorit… more »

Black cat weathervane, moss and lawn care

by brae  

What's a haunted house without a black cat?  Boring and unfinished, that's what it is.   I bought this delightful weathervane from Minimum World.  It's made from silver metal, so you can paint it any color you like...but not brass, please.  No additio… more »

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