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Book inserts - an ah-ha moment

by brae  

Since I borrowed books from the Heritage for my rustic crates, I needed to make more to actually use in the Studio.  I printed a mess of covers, most are popular and/or classic novels.  Most of these are from Lyssa and Blondie.  Thanks, ladies!!!  :D  … more »

Wood stove, part 4 - flickering LEDs

by brae  

Continuing work on the wood stove. This is one of those instances where I knew I would be wiring the stove LEDs but did not plan ahead for it.  Why?  Who knows?!!  But, all was not lost!  It just took some extra steps. I received the wider fire this w… more »

Daybed - painted

by brae  

Just a quick update to show you the new daybed with its fresh coat of paint. I started with a base coat of Foliage Green by Americana.  It's a bright lime green.  I sanded and then followed it with a coat of the same green mixed with grey.  I added a… more »

Daybed change

by brae  

The daybed I've been using in The Artist's Studio is one that I had in my stash and wasn't necessarily meant for this space.  I painted it burnished copper to coordinate better with the other furnishings. The problem with it is that even though it's… more »

Wood stove, part 3 - brick surround

by brae  

For the brick surround for the wood stove, I started by squaring up my rough paper template and marking the center of the floor and back pieces.   I cut egg carton bricks 1/4" x 3/4" - my usual choice for brick size.  Click here for my cutting tutoria… more »

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