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World's Smallest Yardsale

by brae  

I am participating in the World's Smallest Yardsale coming up June 14-18.  Early bird shopping starts June 13.  I have a bunch of unused and like new items from my stash including kits and random minis.  There are also a few scratch & dent bargains.… more »

Bargello, introduction

by brae  

Since I plan to make some seating from House of Miniatures kits, I thought I would give embroidered upholstery a try.  I previously cross-stitched new cushions for two Mackintosh chairs, but this time I wanted to try something new to me. I've always… more »

Where we're going, and thoughts on it

by brae  

I recently purchased sketchbook and road atlas kits from Nancy Enge's etsy shop.  Nancy makes fine kits with detailed instructions.  I've always loved tiny Moleskin journals, and her sketchbooks remind me of those.  I made one straight out of the kit,… more »

Wee topiary pots

by brae  

I've added three styles of topiary pots to my etsy shop.  The heart is in a resin pot, and the bird and bunny are in ceramic pots.  I've painted them to a fine patina. I've also listed the third unused shop counter like the ones in Ye Olde Taxidermist. more »

Watson Mill - settee and rug

by brae  

I had originally planned to put the Tribal Foxes rug in the bedroom, but the room is so narrow very little of it would show.  I will stick with the red rug shown in the mockups since it fits so well. The rug was purchased at the most recent mini shows… more »

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