Category: "Miniatures"

Baskets o' Echeveria

by brae  

Nancy Enge has been up to crafting lately and doing a fine job of it.  :]  She's been making succulent and basket kits for her etsy shop.  I ordered up a basket kit and the EC01 Echeveria kit with hand-colored leaves. You can tell a good designer from… more »

The Persian - introduction

by brae  

Quite awhile back, I saw a vintage needlepoint rug on eBay from an estate sale.  It was miniature, though done on a lower count of 18 or 22 and therefore a large rug for 1:12 scale.  I loved the pattern but knew nothing about it.  There was some… more »

Tribal Foxes Rug - 99.5 hours

by brae  

Continuing work on the Tribal Foxes Rug.  I'm now at 99.5 hours.  Hitting the final stretch, though there's still a lot to be done.  :] I am stitching full cross stitch with single thread over 32 count Jobelan. more »

Happy New Year - on to 2017!!!

by brae  

Coming to you live from The Aero Squadron Lounge!  Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!  :D  It's ok to get a little crazy, just be sure to drink plenty of water.  Cheers!!! more »

Easy Cutter Ultimate

by brae  

I bought an Easy Cutter Ultimate from Hobby Lobby back in 2009/2010.  I raved about its usefulness and found changing the blade to be straightforward.  It was a quality product that I recommended to other crafters. I made a mistake and tried to cut… more »

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